Thursday, May 5, 2011


Where to start?

Again you get more information with every book, and this is true of book 5 as well. It takes making it to the very end of the book before you get any real information in this one though. Granted, you did get alot of information packed into the last little bit. Another thing to consider is that alot of the information you could figure out on your own.

I remember this being one of my least favorite movies, and this remains true for the books as well. I wouldn't rate it quite as low as the first two books, but it also wasn't quite on the same level as the third and fourth books either. So I guess if I could I would rate it 3.5.

The excessive rules and regulations put on the students at Hogwartz was just as frustrating for the reader as it was for the characters, as I'm sure was JK Rowling's plan--as I've said in prior reviews, frustration isn't 100% bad. (Side note, I'm a horrible speller anyway, but since I'm listening to the audiobooks and not reading these, I don't see the words and therefore spelling errors are more probable with JK Rowling's world.) However, it makes sense in the overall story for the ministry of magic to need to control the school when the minister himself refuses to acknowledge the scary truths he must soon face.

The characters continue to develope interests in the opposite sex, and as the last book, I really appreciate how true to the characters' ages these experiences are.

My source tells me that book 6 and book 7 are the best yet, which makes sense. Starting book 6 tomorrow.

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