Saturday, May 14, 2011


So I REALLY enjoyed book 6. Probably my favorite thus far. The characters, now mostly 16 years old, are intensifying in their relationships with one another. I really like the development there. I’m not sure the movies really show that same development accurately. I honestly wish I had not seen the movie before “reading” this book because there would have been some major surprises to be enjoyed. Oh well. At least I should complete the series in the books before the last movie comes out. The plot thickens in this book adding an extra layer of suspense to the overall series. I know this paragraph just really does not do this book justice, but I’m struggling to find something to say. Being at a loss for words is a good thing sometimes. I do have to say that Snape is probably the most interesting character in this series and I’m still waiting to see the end result of his journey just as much as I am waiting to see how things end up for Harry and his friends. Snape might just be my favorite character in a series in a long time. Just when I think I have him all figured out, JK Rowling throws a dozen questions in my face. It’s well worth the read. I can’t give it the “LOVED IT!!!!!!!!” rating….but I can give it a very decent 4.9 Stars!

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