Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blog Title

Also, I finally figured out a blog title. I'm going with "Somewhere Only We Know." It's a song title. Russ, my husband, suggested it to me yesterday afternoon and sent me the lyrics to the song. And then ironically enough Pip sang it on The Voice last night, and Russ said "I think it's a sign." And after thinking about it some more, I love that title for my blog. Books take us to other places, and readers are the only ones who get to experience those places. These places are somewhere only we (readers) know. Non-readers...well you guys don't have a clue. So there...that's the story behind my blog title.


  1. Absolutely perfect!

  2. Thanks Paula!! I'm fond of it!

  3. Love the blog title. So, so fitting. Once again, Russ saves the day! :-)

    1. He definitely did! He's my hero!