Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ten Underrated Books

Top 10 Tuesday is a post hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this week's topic is Top Ten Underrated Recent Gems.

You guys, most of the books I've over the last year have at least a 3.8 rating on Goodreads. I'd say that's pretty stinking good. I've read two review books that don't publish for a little bit that currently have low ratings. I'm not sure if that's because of the content or the publication date. I'll list one of those below, but mostly I want to focus on read books. So since the ones I've read within the last year have pretty good ratings, I'm just doing underrated books in general.

  1. Finding Mr. Brightside by Jay Clark (Goodreads Rating: 3.52) My Rating: 4 Stars - I really have no idea why this one is rated so low.
  2. Pull (Push, # 2) by Claire Wallis - (Goodreads Rating: 3.48) My Rating: 4 Stars - I get it. This doesn't have your typical happily-ever-after, but it's still a much better book than that Goodreads rating.
  3. The Fall by Bethany Griffin - (Goodreads Rating: 3.41) My Rating: 4 Stars - I can kind of understand this one too. It's very "different", but I still enjoyed it.
  4. V is for Virgin (V is for Virgin, # 1) by Kelly Oram - (Goodreads Rating: 3.79) My Rating: 4.5 Stars - The message behind this book was so good. And I loved the characters too. I definitely think it deserves a higher rating.
  5. 100 Hours (100 Hours, # 1) by Rachel Vincent - Release Date: March 28, 2017 (Goodreads Rating: 3.11) Review Coming Soon - I mean I don't want to give away my rating right now, but 3.11 is ridiculously low for this book.
  6. Twilight (Twilight, # 1) by Stephenie Meyer - (Goodreads Rating: 3.55) My Rating: 4 Stars - You guys, I realize that Twilight isn't without faults, but I feel like so many people enjoyed this one until it became so popular and then jumped ship. I also feel like some people were determined to dislike it just because it was popular. It's worth more than 3.5 Stars--at least it is to me.
  7. New Moon (Twilight, # 2) by Stephenie Meyer - (Goodreads Rating: 3.52) My Rating: 4 Stars - New Moon rocked my soul the first time I read it. Again, not without issues, but this book had me all up in the feels.
  8. On Becoming Babywise by Gary Ezzo & Robert Bucknam (Goodreads Rating: 3.56) My Rating: 4.5 Stars - Parenting is an extremely personal thing with many decisions that aren't right or wrong...just what works for you. Babywise has gotten a lot of flack, but overall the concepts really helped me and my baby get better sleep which is a win in my book.
  9. A Thousand Nights by EK Johnston - (Goodreads Rating: 3.67) My Rating: 4 Stars - This is another one where the ending was a bit weird, but the writing was beautiful. I think it deserves better based on the writing only really.
  10. Faking Perfect by Rebecca Phillips - (Goodreads Rating: 3.60) My Rating: 4 Stars - This is one of those books that kind of just hit me at the right time I think. I didn't enjoy it as much for the aspects that I was expecting to so much as the ones that took me by surprise.

Which books have you loved recently that you feel are underrated? Let me know!

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