Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cover Doubles - # 3

I started the Cover Doubles feature because I was browsing through some books and had to do a double take because I just knew the cover I was looking at was the exact same cover as a previous book I'd read before. With digital self-publishing stock photos and pre-made book covers are often used multiple times. But, I saw similarities happening with traditionally published books also. And that's what started me checking out cover trends.

I really had to stop myself. I have many more and will be starting a 4th edition post soon. Until then, here's my third edition of Cover Doubles:



Neon Signs


Cover Models/Stock Images (Updated From 1st Edition)


Silhouettes (Updated From 2nd Edition)

Iron Gates/Fences (Updated From 2nd Edition

Bird's Nest

Girl in the Air

Hair Thrown Back


Stripes (Updated From 2nd Edition)

Butterflies (Updated From 2nd Edition)

Marker/Handwriting Font (Updated From 1st Edition)

Font + Sky Background

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