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Homeschool Friday - The BFG

Homeschool Friday is a feature here at Somewhere Only We Know that showcases books my family reads during homeschool and provides a review/mini-review for each.


By: Roald Dahl

Publication: August 16, 2007 by Puffin Books

208 pages

Genre: Children's Fiction, Humor, Chapter Books, Fantasy, Middle Grade, Classics

Source: Borrowed from the Elibrary

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Goodreads description--Roald Dahl's beloved novel hits the big screen in July 2016 in a major motion picture adaptation directed by Steven Spielberg from Amblin Entertainment and Walt Disney Pictures. When Sophie is snatched from her orphanage bed by the BFG (Big Friendly Giant), she fears she will be eaten. But instead the two join forces to vanquish the nine other far less gentle giants who threaten to consume earth’s children. This beautiful hardcover gift edition of Dahl's classic features the original illustrations by Quentin Blake, as well as a silk ribbon marker, acid-free paper, gilt stamping on a full-cloth cover, decorative endpapers, and a sewn binding.

So Roald Dahl is not my favorite author, but he is a classic children's fiction author. And I want my kids to be exposed to classic literature of all kinds. They both loved Matilda so I figured I would introduce The BFG next. I've also been trying to find a way to incorporate more books into our day-to-day. I mean we read from a chapter book every other night before bed, my daughter has independent reading to do, but I want to incorporate more family reading. I decided that we'd try listening to audiobooks in the car whenever we're driving around to various places. And I chose The BFG for our first book.

The very first chapter had my big kids on the edge of their literal seats. I knew what was coming, but I happened to look in the rearview mirror to see their jaws dropped and I don't know that my car has ever been that silent except when all three have been asleep. I knew this was the right choice for the first audiobook for them. They went through phases of requesting to listen to the book in the car and phases of asking not to listen. Some chapters hooked them more than others, but of course, towards the end, they were excited to see how things were going to end.

As for me, I'm also glad that I chose to listen to the audio version of The BFG instead of reading it out loud to them. I don't always do well reading aloud nonsense words. And The BFG is full of nonsense or mixed-up words. The audio version made these funny and enjoyable rather than frustrating for me stumbling over them had I been trying to read them aloud. And we had a fun discussion after the book was over about which nonsense BFG words were our favorites.

My kids immediately wanted to watch the movie after we finished the book, and so I think they both enjoyed it. Even my two-year-old asked to listen to the book about the giant. As for me, these stories aren't my favorite. I enjoy anything that's going to help my kids enjoy books and stories, but I'm thankful I didn't have to read it myself. I never read The BFG growing up, so there's no nostalgia for me. The BFG still gets 4 Stars. And I highly recommend the audiobook. Have you read (or listened to) The BFG? What did you think? Let me know!

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