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The Praying Woman's Devotional - Review

The Praying Woman's Devotional: Let God's Word Change Your Life

By: Stormie Omartian

Published: February 1st 2015 by Harvest House Publishers

208 pages

Genre: Religious, Christian, Spirituality, Self-Help

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Goodreads description--"Lord, Your Word tells of the magnificent and miraculous things You have done for people, and I know You are the same today and in the future as You were in the past. I pray You will do miraculous things in response to my prayers as well." --Stormie Omartian What inspires your personal encounters with God? Those moments when you tell Him about your needs and thank Him for all He has done for you. Those times when you praise Him for His greatness and awesome goodness. Does Scripture inspire your prayers? This collection of devotions will give you short reflections on Bible passages that will remind you of all the magnificent and miraculous things God has done. And it will help you see what God not only can do in your life, but what He can do in the world around you in response to your faith-filled prayers.

I've read and loved so many of Stormie Omartian's books. The Power of a Praying Woman is one of my all-time favorite books that has helped my spiritual relationship with God. So when I saw The Praying Woman's Devotional for review, I knew I had to jump on it. The problem is that I tend to read these kinds of books very slowly, so I'm really late getting this book read and reviewed. My bad.

I'm not sure that I have too terribly much to say about The Praying Woman's Devotional. I enjoyed it. It's packed full of short daily messages and prayers that fit a myriad of situations we women face in our lives. I didn't connect as deeply on an emotional level with this devotional as I did with The Power of a Praying Woman, but I believe that to be due to the short nature of each topic and prayer. The Power of a Praying Woman goes further into each subject than The Praying Woman's Devotional. However, The Praying Woman's Devotional is perfect for the woman who wants to quickly focus her day on a specific topic.

Like the other Stormie Omartian books I've read, there is much that I could quote here. My favorite quotes:

-Only God can cause love to grow in your heart where there is none. Only God can bring to life love that has died.

-One of the most important things about being in a spiritual family is finding power in prayer through unity. When believers are in unity, there is a dynamic that adds power to our prayers and the confidence that God will answer in power.

-When we pray, we reassert our faith that God keeps His promises. What we said out loud, or silently in our hearts, proclaims the truth of God's promises that we have read or heard in His Word.

-If we don't take control of our minds, the devil will.

-Help me to never be full of myself, but rather to always be freshly filled with more of You each day.

-As the people's holiness went, so went the state of the nation.

-We need to praise Jesus that He is our healer whether we are healed at that moment or not.

-I have found that no matter how bad I feel, when I praise God I always feel better.

-How often do we plead for God's direction and, not liking what we hear, decide to go our own way?

As always, I don't agree with 100% of what is stated within this book when it comes to what is required for salvation.Go to the Bible for more information about that. But regardless, this book holds a lot of great material for daily focusing of our thoughts. While I guess I prefer books that dive a little deeper on each topic, The Praying Woman's Devotional is a great choice for short, focused topics.The Praying Woman's Devotional gets 4 Stars from me. Have you read The Praying Woman's Devotional? What did you think? Let me know!

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