Thursday, November 7, 2019

A Pursuit of Home - Review

A Pursuit of Home (Haven Manor, # 3)

By: Kristi Ann Hunter

Expected Publication: November 5th 2019 by Bethany House Publishers

352 pages

Genre: Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction

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Goodreads description--When she learns the family she thought dead might be alive and in danger, Jess Beuchene knows her secrets can only stay buried for so long. Desperation brings her to Derek Thornbury, an expert in history and artifacts, to help her decipher the clues in an old family diary. Will their search to uncover the truth of the past lead to a future together?

I have been a big fan of Jess since A Noble Masquerade. Honestly, it took me way too long to realize Jess was an overlapping character. But I've loved Jess and have been waiting to hear her story for a long time.

I'm not sure that Kristi Ann Hunter had Jess's entire history and story planned from the beginning or if it wasn't until this book that she explored it all. Either way, there were certain pieces from the very beginning that trickled into the big picture for Jess.

I wasn't certain about Jess pairing up with Derek who is essentially a huge art nerd. These two do seem to fit when all is said and done, but they certainly don't have a traditionally romantic story. What happened fits with these two characters, but it isn't my normal preference as I like a bit more.

The mystery Jess is involved in takes over the majority of the book. I couldn't decide if I preferred the completely fictional country and its issues or if I would have liked something more true to history. Everything made sense in the end, but I don't think A Pursuit of Home is my favorite of the Haven Manor series.

Jess is such a strong character. She jumped off the page from all the way back to a series where she was only a side character. I loved how Ryland and Miranda were involved in the storyline. But I wish there was a bit more romance between Derek and Jess even though what happened fits with the characters and the situation they were facing. A Pursuit of Home gets 3.5 Stars. Have you read A Pursuit of Home? What did you think? Let me know!

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  1. its' great when a side character gets to tell their story. i haven't read it but did enjoy your wonderful review