Thursday, December 29, 2022

2023 Series Enders Reading Challenge - Goals

This challenge is for all of you series readers who are scared to death of that last book in the series. You anxiously await it. You stalk it. You get your hands on it as soon as possible. But then…you put off reading it for fear that it might not be everything you thought it would be. Or, maybe you just have a backlog of series started and you need to finish that last book.

Join us in knocking out those pesky last books in a series. This is your chance. Here’s your motivation. Better than that, we have prizes!

Levels: (how many series enders you are planning to read)

Level 1: 1 – 5
Level 2: 5 – 10
Level 3: 10 – 15
Level 4: 15+

Check out the the sign up post to join!

This challenge is hosted by Somewhere Only We Know and Words Fueled by Love.

My Goals:

  1. Grace and Glory (The Harbinger, # 3) by Jennifer L Armentrout
  2. Almost a Bride (The Bride Ships, # 4) by Jody Hedlund
  3. Game Changer (The Field Party, # 6) by Abbi Glines
  4. Woodside (Sisters of Woodside Mysteries, # 5) by Mary Kingswood
  5. Sword of Desire (Reigning Kingdoms, # 2) by Jennifer Anne Davis
  6. The Last Chance Cowboy (Colorado Cowboys, # 5) by Jody Hedlund
  7. Never Wager with a Wallflower (The Merriwell Sisters, # 3) by Virginia Heath
  8. The Sport of Matchmaking (Clavering Chronicle, # 3) by Jennie Goutet
  9. A Daring Proposal (Memorable Proposals, # 3) by Jennie Goutet

Of course, I likely won't get to some of these or I'll come across a new/new-to-me series that I read the entire series during 2023. My main goal is level 2. These are just the enders on my radar right now. It is difficult because many series that I am in the middle over do not have a definitely finale listed nor how many books are expected in the series.

Are you hoping to finish any series this year? You might as well join the challenge and enter for a chance to win monthly prizes. Which ones are on your radar for 2023? Let me know!

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