Friday, April 26, 2013

High Five for Friday (04/26/2013)

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High Five for Friday is hosted by Lauren @ The Lauren Elizabeth.

1. First off...I'm on vacation! At the beach!!!!! Check it out and be jealous. *wink wink* That's the view from our balcony.

2. So our group (girls only) have done this two years in a row. But we each bring our favorite thing to share with everyone. So check out the goodies that I got. (Not pictured, a blue beach towel with my name monogrammed on it.) (And yes, that green t-shirt says "Hey Jack." Anyone who watches Duck Dynasty will get that. Love it!)

3. I should have mentioned this first, but I only had a 3 day work week this week! AWESOME!!!!

4. We also play this game every year where each girl picks some songs (this year it was 6) to add to a beach-road-trip mix that we listen to on the way down to the beach. We each try to guess who chose which song. It's really fun.

My contributions to the CD this year were: 1) Gungor - Beautiful Things; 2) Jason Walker - Down; 3) Pink - Glitter in the Air; 4) Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up; 5) The Civil Wars - Poison & Wine; and 6) Birdy - Skinny Love. I LOVE these songs. I hope you'll hunt them down on YouTube or something. (I would have added their videos, but I'm trying to pump out this post so I can change and head down to the beach.)

Oh and I won this game. Well tied with my friend, Lacy! (That makes two years in a row for me. I've got a title to defend. I'm quite competitive, so this is a big deal.)

5. We went shopping yesterday at Pier Park. I got two shirts and a pair of black capris that I can wear to work from Maurices (LOVE this store and we don't have one at home) and a pair of black pumps from Rack Room Shoes that I was in desperate need of. I'm quite satisfied with my purchases.

That's it for my week and my High Fives. What have been the top 5 things of your week? Let me know!

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