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Romancing the Artist - Review

Romancing the Artist (Return to Inglewood, # 1)

By: Sally Britton

Expected Publication: Pink Citrus Books (March 31, 2023)

? pages

Genre: Adult, Historical Fiction

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Amazon description--A farmer's daughter doesn't belong in high society, even if she is a talented artist. And a gentleman training to take over the family estate can't afford distractions. But when the two of them meet, their whole world shifts. Can they overcome their fears, or will love remain out of their reach?

Caroline Clapham isn’t a world renown artist—she’s simply a farmer’s daughter possessed of natural talent with a paintbrush. Talent that her mentor, the Countess of Inglewood, is happy to foster for a summer at her beautiful seaside estate. Caroline’s friends, including a persistent suitor, warn her that the season will end and she will return home as insignificant as ever, and will have to settle for a life far less grand than she imagines. But that won’t stop her from pursuing her dream, or finding a new friend in the handsome Mr. Everly.

Mr. Edward Everly is preparing to take the reins from his father. Everything about their home and family will fall under his care, including the land, their tenants, and all the responsibilities of a gentleman—including marrying the girl his parents have chosen for him. Overwhelmed and uncertain about his new role, Edward stumbles upon a beautiful artist in the woods. As he comes to know Miss Clapham, her way of looking at the world restores his confidence and makes his heart light. Before summer’s end, he cannot imagine a life without her.

Friends and family alike have warned against Caroline and Edward’s relationship. Edward has a role to fill, and he needs a companion who is up to the task. If Caroline leaves behind a life of finer things, she risks losing more than just her dreams of painting. Will she choose to remain in the world in which she grew up, or take the steps necessary to prove herself a worthy match for Edward?


The Return to Inglewood novels are a continuation of the stories in Sally Britton's Inglewood series, following the children of the heroes and heroines of Inglewood. This series can be read out of order and without reading Britton's previous books. All books in the series are sweet romance with no steamy content.

Oh my goodness guys! This one slipped through the cracks. I listened to this book on audio back in December, and I'm just now writing my review in March. That's more than 3 months between when I finished it and writing the review. All of that to say that I know I'm forgetting a ton of the details.

I do want to say that I really appreciate Sally Britton putting her audiobooks on YouTube for free. I wouldn't get to many of these books without authors like her. I don't know how she manages to do it, but I love and appreciate her for it. Marian Hussey did a wonderful job narrating. She captured this story wonderfully.

If you're familiar with the Inglewood series by Sally Britton, then you're well familiar with Neil Duncan. His story was Reforming Lord Neil, where he fell in love with a widow, Teresa Clapman. Teresa's daughter, Caroline, stars in this story along with a younger Everly sibling, Edward.

Caroline is a budding artist. She has come to Inglewood to learn from Esther, the Countess of Inglewood, from Rescuing Lord Inglewood. Caroline is a gentleman's daughter, but her family is now used to simpler circumstances. She doesn't know all of the ins and outs of the gentry. She has an encounter with Edward Everly, and the two become allies.

Edward agrees to help Caroline with her art if she will help him deflect attention from his family and his friend's family trying to match them. Caroline doesn't mind pretending to court Edward since she plans to leave Inglewood. And she really does need someone to sit for some of her art pieces. Through all of this, Edward and Caroline realize that the feelings they have aren't fake after all.

Romancing the Artist was exactly what I wanted. It was a fast listen that pulled me in quickly and hooked me into characters I cared about and rooted for. I wanted them to succeed individually as well as collectively. I have no idea who else will find themselves from and center for the Return to Inglewood series, but whoever it is, I'm here for it. Romancing the Artist gets 4 Stars. Have you read (or listened to) Romancing the Artist? What did you think? Let me know!

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