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Rescuing Lord Inglewood - Review

Rescuing Lord Inglewood (Inglewood, # 1)

By: Sally Britton

Publication: May 21st 2019 by Blue Water Books

232 pages

Genre: Adult, Historical Fiction, Romance, Regency

Source: Personal Kindle Library

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Goodreads description--All he wants is someone he can trust. All she wants is to belong. But when compromising circumstances force them together, do they have a chance at finding love? Silas Riley, Earl of Inglewood, is known among his peers in Parliament as the man made of stone. As a wealthy peer, there are few he trusts with his friendship. He guards his heart and his honor with vigilance, and when an accident nearly takes his life, he’s faced with a situation which threatens his standing in society.

Growing up in the shadow of her older brother, Esther Fox’s acceptance in his circle has been indifferent at best. So when she ends up in a compromising situation as she saves the life of her brother’s dearest friend, the Earl of Inglewood, she is forced to marry him to save her own reputation. Once again, she finds herself accepted only because of the situation, and not because she is truly wanted.

Neither are prepared for a loss which further complicates their new relationship. With such a difficult beginning, can they ever hope to understand one another, let alone find love?

Rescuing Lord Inglewood starts off exactly there...where Esther rescues Silas by pushing him out of the way of a falling statue. The gossip that flies around concerning this incident was a stretch for me. In some ways, I could see it happening. And in other ways, it was beyond comprehension that this particular situation could be turned into something scandalous. Regardless, Sally Britton did choose to include a second situation that truly forced the marriage.

Esther is used to being left behind. Her brother was five years older than her, and even though she constantly followed him around, he was also constantly telling her she couldn't come and play with him and his friends because she was either too small or too young. Her mother dies after remarrying. Esther's brother eventually enlists in the military and goes off to war leaving her to live with her stepbrother and his wife. More than anything, Esther feels like she's constantly being left behind by those she cares about while they go off to their own whims and adventures and left out of the planning and say over her own life. And her marriage to save her reputation isn't much different.

Silas is best friends with Esther's brother, Isaac. And he was one of the friends always running off and leaving Esther behind. Silas is used to taking charge. His parents died when he was young leaving him an earl. His grandmother came to take care of him, but he was often on his own and had to learn to take control. He has spent a lot of time keeping others away and guarding himself and his emotions.

Silas wouldn't exactly have chosen the way his and Esther's marriage happened, but he was the first one to be open to the idea. Esther and Silas had a slow build to their relationship starting with trust and moving brick by brick into creating something special. I liked how they had complicated issues to work through and not just being unsure about the other's feelings.

The side characters made for a fun extended family of sorts, and I can't wait to carry on the series and read about each one of them.

Favorite quotes:

-"For the moment," she said, her fingertips brushing the polished surface of the desk, "my sorrow is at rest. That is the way with mourning. It is like a thunderstorm, drenching you one moment and the next turning into a misty fog."

-"What matters is living without regrets, and loving without fear. I wish to make every moment we have together count."

Rescuing Lord Inglewood was my first book by Sally Britton. And now I want to read them all. I enjoyed the complexity of the story and the character's backgrounds and conflicts. I loved the slow-building romance between Esther and Silas. I even enjoyed the existing friendships as well as the newly formed ones. I can't wait to continue the series. Rescuing Lord Inglewood gets 4 Stars. Have you read Rescuing Lord Inglewood? What did you think? Let me know!

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