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While it Lasts - Review

While It Lasts (Sea Breeze, # 3)

By: Abbi Glines

Published: July 31st 2012

304 pages

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary

Source: Borrowed from my SNL, Holly @ Words Fueled by Love

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Goodreads description--Cage brings his playboy prowess to the countryside as the Sea Breeze hookups continue, from self-published phenomenon Abbi Glines.

Low broke Cage’s heart by getting with Marcus in Because of Low. Cage went into a tailspin that ended in a DUI. In order to salvage his baseball scholarship—the one thing he truly valued besides Low—Cage must take a summer job. At a farm. Away from Sea Breeze. With lots of cows, but no hot girls. Maybe that’s what Cage needs to get back on track.

But wait—there’s that hostile daughter of the farm boss. She’s pretty and occasionally sweet, and there seems to be a lot of sadness and mystery behind her anger. Cage is dying to strip her down—physically and mentally—in the back of the barn. But is he prepared for what will happen afterward?

Cage was a pretty present character in the previous book, Because of Low. He and Low grew up together in a bad neighborhood, and Low is the closest thing to family he’s ever had. He always thought he would eventually give up his wild oats and settle down with Low eventually. But “now” just isn’t the time. In the meantime, Marcus swoops in and he and Low are actually going to get married. Cage is okay with this because he can see how much Marcus cares for Low and he can see that he’s not yet ready—if he ever will be—to settle down. Yet it only takes a farm girl and a summer of working on said farm to wrangle him into shape.

Eva, as the description says, had her life planned out for her. She was going to marry her childhood sweetheart, Josh, until he died in the war. Eva has pretty much determined that she’s never going to love again, but life and love are rarely things that can be controlled. And of course bad boy Cage finds his way under her skin and into her heart. Because they’re kind of secluded when they first meet, Eva doesn’t see the persona that Cage presents to everyone else back home. She only sees the good in him. Until the persona is shoved into her face.

Eva and Cage’s story was fast and fun to read. It was a little "pretty" overall. And While It Lasts fell into the pattern of many, many other new adult novels. I find myself at a loss about what else to say about it. While I devoured it, it wasn’t overly original and it didn’t blow me away. I think this is a testament to Abbi Glines writing and her ability to hook me despite the predictability and repetitive plot points.

While It Lasts gets 3.5 Stars from me. Have you read it? What did you think? Let me know!

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