Thursday, February 18, 2016

Discussions Only We Know: 11 Popular Authors I Haven't Clicked With

Discussions Only We Know

11 Popular Authors I Haven't Clicked With

Okay guys, since these are popular authors I recognize that many of you will likely be fans. I'm not insulting you. I'm not insulting these authors. I'm just saying that unfortunately I haven't really clicked with these authors. Several of them I've read and actually enjoyed a book or two, but the more I've read the more I realize these guys just aren't for me. I'm also not looking for you to try to convince me that I'm wrong. I feel pretty confident in my decision to not really pursue reading these authors in the future.

  1. Melissa Marr - I enjoyed Wicked Lovely, but this series just went downhill for me. I haven't read any books outside of this series by this author, but I just find that I'm not interested either.
  2. Julie Kagawa - Ok guys, I've read 4 and 1/2 books by her (The Immortal Rules, The Eternity Cure, The Iron Daughter, The Iron King, and The Iron Queen) and none of them were all that good to me. I just felt "meh" about them all. And the biggest negative to me was probably the slow pacing.
  3. Melissa de la Cruz - Okay so I read a good portion of her Blue Bloods series. The first four books I enjoyed, but things went downhill and looking at the description of her other books nothing else has enticed me to pick it up.
  4. PC Cast - Similar to Blue Bloods. I was interested in the House of Night series until 8 books in and the plot had not progressed. And if nothing else, the characters felt like they'd gotten dumber instead of smarter.
  5. Becca Fitzpatrick - I enjoyed Hush, Hush, but as the series progressed I didn't see too much to keep me hooked. And like Melissa de la Cruz, none of her other releases have seemed interesting enough for me to check out.
  6. Lauren Kate - I read Fallen right around the same time as Hush, Hush. I feel similarly towards both series, but also, like the House of Night series, I almost feel like the characters haven't advanced at all really.
  7. Rachel Hawkins - I read Hex Hall and that was enough to show me that nothing too impressive (for me) was going on.
  8. Jennifer Estep - I read A Touch of Frost and it wasn't bad. But it was just typical. It fell into too many cliches for me I think.
  9. LJ Smith - Okay so I read most of the Vampire Diaries series and her Night World series. The Night World was so repetitive. She basically changed the characters but the plot stayed the same. And after seeing what the TV show did with Vampire Diaries...yeah I'm not much impressed here either.
  10. Mira Grant - Fans love her Newsflesh and Parasitology series, but boy was Parasite slow for me. I only read that one, but after seeing Holly review Feed I'm certain that Mira Grant and I aren't meant to mesh.
  11. Shannon Dermott - Another author that I was sucked in at the beginning, but as her books began to progress I felt like her writing got worse and the plot just didn't move forward.

What about you guys? Have you ever read an author that everyone raved about or seemed to like and you just didn't see it?

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