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Forever Phoebe - Review

Forever Phoebe

By: Chalon Linton

Publication: February 8th 2020 by Covenant Communications

224 pages

Genre: Historical Fiction, Adult

Source: Publisher via NetGalley (Thank you!!)

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Goodreads description--At the dignified age of eighteen, Phoebe Jamison knows she should behave in a manner befitting her station, as her three loving elder brothers often tease. Unfortunately, the lively young woman has a personality every bit as fiery as her red hair, a fact brought to her attention in the criticism from the gentleman she has long pined for. But not every man is of the opinion that a woman should be decorous above all else. The newest resident of Somerset, Mr. Franklin Everly, is considered a most eligible bachelor, and he is immediately drawn to Phoebe’s spirited nature as he becomes acquainted with the delightful Jamison siblings of Primly Park. Franklin embarks on a friendship with Phoebe that quickly deepens into a warm and thrilling connection. But even as he fights for Phoebe’s attentions, a very real danger is revealed: girls in neighboring villages have gone missing, and the kidnapper is moving ever closer to Primly Park. Despite the guard of her fiercely protective brothers and Franklin, Phoebe must rely on her own strength when she finds herself in the sights of the Bride Snatcher.

I wasn't sure about Forever Phoebe mostly because I was unfamiliar with the author, but also, because I don't always want to read mysteries. Sometimes I'm in the mood for mysteries but not always. But I picked it up when I did due to the publication date, and I ended up reading it mostly in one day.

I have to admit that I fell in love with the entire Jamison family. Phoebe is much like the description states. She's used to being included with her brothers whether that be racing horses, shooting pistols, or teasing each other mercilessly. She has always wanted her brother Peter's close friend William Mason to show her particular attention, but Mason seems to only offer "constructive criticism" rather than compliments.

Peter is the closest brother in age to Phoebe. He seems to be the biggest joker of the brothers. Abraham is the fashionable one, but I think he got the least amount of page time being the middle brother. And then her oldest brother was often just referred to as Jamison. I can't remember his first name off the top of my head. But he was perhaps the most serious given he's the oldest and the responsible one while their parents are traveling. He also has a bit of a romance develop throughout the book.

Franklin moves to the neighborhood because he has inherited Ravenhouse from his uncle. He had intentions to put off his inheritance but after his older brother marries he sees the need for his brother and his new wife to have some time alone. Once in the neighborhood, he meets the Jamison siblings and quickly begins to see traits within Phoebe that he admires. Unlike Mason who is only ever critical, Franklin appreciates Phoebe for who she is. And he seeks to begin winning her favor. They had a sweet love story, and I enjoyed every page of it.

The mystery...well that felt a little unnecessary to me. It wasn't really a focal point of the book until the ending and major conflict for the climax of the story. Yet at the same time, I wasn't put off by it as I sometimes find. I think I would have enjoyed the story just the same without this part, but including it didn't lessen my enjoyment of Forever Phoebe either.

Overall, Forever Phoebe gets 4 Stars from me. I loved the romance and the side characters. I would love future books about the other Jamison brothers. And the mystery neither added to nor took away from the rest of the story for me. Have you read Forever Phoebe ? What did you think? Let me know!

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