Thursday, April 23, 2020

Transforming Emma - Review

Transforming Emma (Lockets and Lace, # 20)

By: Linda Carroll-Bradd

Expected Publication: March 18th 2020 by Inked Figments

136 pages

Genre: Adult, Historical Fiction

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Goodreads description--Raised a tomboy on a central Texas ranch, Emmaleigh Wallache returns from a year’s visit during which her Bostonian aunt introduced her to a life of culture—fulfilling her late mother’s wish. Her is intent on marrying her off to the son of a wealthy meat distributor to guarantee the success of his cattle business. Happy for her time spent in society, Emmaleigh struggles to discover where she truly belongs.

Foreman Brett Haynes, who has waited until Emma turned eighteen so he can reveal his caring feelings, can’t believe the changes a year made. Gone is the spunky girl who raced him through fields or swung from ropes over the swimming hole. He has nothing in common with this sophisticated young woman and despairs she is unreachable. Can he remind her of life’s simpler moments and win over the heart he has always thought of as belonging to him?

I missed where Transforming Emma was part of a series. Granted, I don't see any reason why Transforming Emma couldn't be read as a stand-alone since that's exactly what I did.

I'm having a hard time reviewing this one, guys. I'm bee-bopping along, reading and enjoying Transforming Emma and wham. It just ends. At the weirdest place. I suppose enough was wrapped up to consider that an acceptable ending place, but truthfully I felt like there was plenty unresolved.

Emma is likable. She left her family home still in mourning after her mother's death. Her father sent her to his sister in Boston to attend finishing school. While there, she attended several academic classes as well and hopes to bring what she's learned back to the ranch to help her father with his cattle business.

Brett has been in love with Emma since before she left. He was waiting until she turned 18 to reveal his feelings for her but her return from Boston kept getting postponed. When she does return, she's changed. And he isn't sure he fits in her new world or the plans her father has for her.

Emma's father was a contradiction to me. She seemed to have fond feelings and memories of him in the beginning. But as soon as he returns, he is gruff and harsh with her. Demanding and even demeaning. Eventually, Emma does show him that her input is valuable, but I felt like this was one area that could have used more resolution.

I enjoyed Transforming Emma until it ended too abruptly. The characters have backgrounds and felt pretty well rounded. More than anything I simply felt like Transforming Emma was incomplete. Transforming Emma gets 3.5 Stars. Have you read Transforming Emma? What did you think? Let me know!

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  1. i love a series where the books can stand alone. haven't read it but glad you enjoyed it

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