Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Post - 144 & Stacking the Shelves - 102

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ The Caffeinated Book Reviewer ~this meme was inspired in part by ~ In My Mailbox~ It's a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

This week was really busy. I had an all day training event on Tuesday. Husband got hit with an extraordinarily painful toothache this week. It started bothering him Wednesday night. Thursday, he was in a good bit of pain, and by Friday he was vomiting. We got some antibiotics and pain medication from the dentist, but he's still been having a hard time. Friday night we celebrated my oldest nephew's 13th birthday! I can't believe all of my nephews and nieces are getting this old. And then Saturday, we spent celebrating my in-law's 50th Anniversary. It was an all around good week. Oh and Thursday I listened to an entire audiobook plus read 50% in a book later that night. I won't say I'm completely out of my reading slump, but it felt so good to get that much progress made in one day. Also, stay tuned for an announcement coming up this week.


Monday: Review of Wreck Me (Nova, # 4) by Jessica Sorensen (4 Stars)
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Wednesday: Waiting on Chasing River (Burying Water, # 3) by KA Tucker
Thursday: Review of Ruin Me (Nova, # 5) by Jessica Sorensen (3 Stars)
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Monday: DNF Review of Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver
Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday
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Thursday: Review of Things We Know By Heart by Jessi Kirby

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For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards

By: Jen Hatmaker

Expected Publication: August 18, 2015 by Nelson Books

224 pages

Genre: Religious, Spiritual, Christian, Inspirational

Source: Publisher via NetGalley (Thank you!!)

( Goodreads | Amazon | Book Depository )

*Note: The above links to Amazon and Book Depository are affiliate links. Affiliate links support giveaways for Somewhere Only We Know readers.

NetGalley description--The popular writer, blogger, and television personality reveals with humor and style how Jesus' extravagant grace is the key to dealing with life's biggest challenge: people.

The majority of our joys, struggles, thrills, and heartbreaks relate to people, beginning first with ourselves and then the people we came from, married, birthed, live by, live for, go to church with, don't like, don't understand, fear, struggle with, compare ourselves to, and judge. People are the best and worst thing about the human life.

Jen Hatmaker knows this all too well, and so she reveals how to practice kindness, grace, truthfulness, vision, and love to ourselves and those around us. By doing this, For the Love leads our generation to reimagine Jesus' grace as a way of life, and it does it in a funny yet profound manner that Christian readers will love. Along the way, Hatmaker shows readers how to reclaim their prophetic voices and become Good News again to a hurting, polarized world.

That's it for my shelves and recaps of my past and upcoming week. What did you add to your shelves this week? Any bookish news you want to talk about? Let me know!


  1. Oh, toothaches are the worst! I have had them off and on this year....right now, it's okay. Hope you have a great week, and enjoy your new book.

    Here are

  2. OOhh...I'm curious to see why you couldn't finish Vanishing Girls...that one is on my wishlist!

  3. Yikes! Toothaches are the most miserable thing ever. Other than that, it sounds like you had a very good week! I hope the coming week is just as nice :)

  4. Ouch that sounds painfull, did the dentist figure out what caused the toothache? Sounds like you had a good, but busy week. I am curious about your announcement. I hope you have a great week!

  5. Grace @ Rebel Mommy BookBlogApril 12, 2015 at 6:11 PM

    I have to catch up with the Nova series - I left off at the third one but enjoyed the series overall - I am really curious to read your DNF Vasnishing Girls review - I am looking forward to checking that book - Have a great week!

  6. Holly @ Words Fueled by LoveApril 12, 2015 at 6:21 PM

    Was Vanishing Girls one of the books you were having a hard time getting into? Hoping Russ gets some tooth relief soon!

  7. I ended up DNFing Vanishing Girls as well. It just wasn't what I'd hoped it would be.
    If you have time you should check out my Sunday Post.

  8. Awesome books. For the Love looks great!

    I hope you enjoy :) Happy Reading!

    Here's my Weekly Wrap Up

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  9. Yikes! Couldn't the dentist do something for his toothache? Poor guy. Hope you have a less busy week. And yay for getting through some reading ... and listening.

  10. Well the dentist couldn't see any reason why he was having the toothache. The antibiotics seem to be helping some. We'll reevaluate when he finished them. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Christy!

  11. Oh I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone on Vanishing Girls. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Lisa!

  12. Yes! I finally just decided to DNF it...obviously. He's feeling some better, thanks!

  13. I've enjoyed the Nova series at all. Wreck Me wasn't too much of a deviation since it was about Tristan. My DNF review of Vanishing Girls went up today. I hope maybe you enjoy the book more than I did. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Grace.

  14. No. The dentist took X-rays but said she saw no cause for his pain. He is feeling some better so we're going to see how he feels when he finishes the antibiotics. I MIGHT go ahead and post my announcement tomorrow instead of doing Top Ten Tuesday this week. I haven't fully decided yet. Thanks for stopping by Lola!

  15. Yes, that's what husband says too. He is feeling some better though so we'll see how he feels when he finishes the antibiotic. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Reanna!

  16. My DNF review of Vanishing Girls went up today. Maybe it will be one that you enjoy more than I did. Thanks for stopping by Melissa!

  17. Yes, that's what Husband says too. Sorry you've had issues with them too this year. Glad to hear they're not bothering you right now. Thanks for stopping by!

  18. Eek! I hope he's feeling better by now! :( And I'm glad you're getting some reading done! Slumps are the worst.

  19. Glad your reading slump seems to be passing a little. It's awful when you can't seem to settle with a great read. It's happened to me recently and I'm looking for something amazing to get me back into my books again.

    Have a great week :)

  20. He is feeling better finally! And I finished another book last night! So I'm feeling some better about my slump! Thanks for stopping by!

  21. Thanks! It's definitely not a good feeling when no book you pick up seems to be the right one. I just read Angelfall and World After by Susan Ee in the last week and really enjoyed them both if you're still looking for something to get you out of your slump too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!