Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Top Ten Books I Wish Were Taught in Schools

Top 10 Tuesday is a post hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this week's topic is Top Ten Books I Wish Were Taught in Schools.

I honestly have no idea what books are being taught in school these days. And the ones that are going to make my list aren't all ones that were published when I was in school. Here goes...

  1. Code Name Verity & Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein - The subject is appropriate and moving.
  2. Delirium by Lauren Oliver - What awesome discussions the class could have over a world void of love!
  3. Partials/Fragments by Dan Wells - Also another one with great discussion topics that include impossible situations.
  4. This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers (review coming soon) - Because if kids got to read about zombies in school, I think they'd be a lot more apt to read more, plus I think Courtney Summers writing was pretty lyrical in this one.
  5. The Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkein - Because there's so much symbolism. Teacher were always asking about symbolism--which I knew nothing about at that age. Plus it's like epic fantasy and would give them an excuse to watch the movies in class. BONUS!
  6. Anything Jane Austen - We read classics like Julius Caesar and Beowulf. I mean really? We couldn't read classics like Pride and Prejudice? I would have enjoyed that more--although I'm sure the guys would hate it.
  7. Harry Potter - I realize that this one is banned and I'm not going into the ridiculousness of that, but I think this would be a great tool for getting kids into reading as well. It would also be a great one for teaching foreshadowing and how to weave all of the aspects of the story into one cohesive masterpiece. Plus I totally think I could write a paper/essay on Professor Snape if I needed to--most awesome school assignment ever!
  8. Anything by Dave Ramsey - I think we send our kids out into society with no idea how to manage money.
  9. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte - My 8th grade class was broken into two different classes, one class did Wuthering Heights the other did The Crucible. I was in "the other" category so I missed out on Wuthering Heights in school, but I totally wish that was one I had been forced to read. I still plan to, but it would be nice if it were behind me already.
  10. Speechless by Hannah Harrington - With as much as our kids deal with bullying, this is the best book I've read that deals with the subject. OR Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher - I don't condone Hannah's suicide, but I do think it has a great message about considering how our actions have an affect on someone else and how you never know the battle someone else is fighting.

What books do you wish were taught in schools? Let me know!


  1. This is Not a Test ALMOST made my list. Plus her writing is amazing, so even if they don't like the story, there's that to enjoy.

    Speechless! Can't believe I forgot that one!

  2. Great TTT! Delirium and HP are on my list too:) And I like Jane Austen too. We never read her books in school too and I hated it..

    TTT @ Eveline's Books

  3. Good choices! I've only read some of those, but have heard of all of them. Code Name Verity and the follow-up book seem to be really taking off. I will have to pick them up and see what the buzz is all about. Thanks.

  4. I agree! I loved her writing for This is Not a Test. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I will say that I had a lady at work today tell me that her son was required to read Divergent. That's pretty cool! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Oh yes, I highly recommend them both. Very moving! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I really want to read Partials but haven't gotten around to it yet... I've heard it's more sciencey than most sci-fi YA novels which I appreciate (even if I am not very sciencey mysefl!). I also thinking reading Lord of the Rings in school would probably be good... unfortunately I still need to read that too, though I did read The Hobbit for school in junior high. And Dave Ramsey... they probably just need to do a Dave Ramsey class about managing money! Good list!

  8. Yes, I would say there's more sciencey stuff going on in Partials than some other sci-fi YA books I've read. I completely agree about them teaching Dave Ramsey classing in schools 100%!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Complete agree about Thirteen Reasons Why, it has so many lessons to learn in it. I bought Speechless and it is on my list of TBR. As is Partials. :) It is ever growing. I actually read Pride and Prejudice for one of my classes in High School. It was great!! Fabulous list!! Harry Potter and Delirium I think are PERFECT for school. :) Catch 22 by: Joseph Heller or Jurassic Park by: Michael Crichton I think are at the top of my list. But would definitely be accompanied by these other series/books.

  10. Oh wow, I would have loved to have read Pride and Prejudice as required reading. I did actually read it in high school for the first time, but not because it was required. I could have written an awesome paper on it and would have been totally content to do so. Unlike The dern Crucible! :( I did have to read a Michael Crichton book for school, but not Jurassic Park. The Andromeda Strain I think. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Great list! You had some really unique ones on your list!

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  12. I didn't even think of Delirium, but you're right - that is one that could totally get kids fired up!

  13. I'm totally late to the Delirium train, but I am LOVING it so far! I still need to read Requiem, but I'm a little nervous considering how things ended with Pandemonium! Thanks for stopping by!