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Delilah: The Making of Red - Review

Delilah: The Making of Red (Nova, # 2.5)

By: Jessica Sorensen

Published: March 18th 2014 by Forever Yours

95 pages

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Novella

Source: Personal Kindle Library

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Goodreads description--DELILAH: The Making of Red

Delilah Peirce: the Invisible Girl. Men crane their necks around Delilah just to catch a glimpse of her bombshell mother. Delilah knows looks of indifference, of friendship-but never of desire.

Then she meets Dylan Sanderson, the impossibly gorgeous guy who thinks she's beautiful. When he looks at her, she feels needed. When he kisses her, her troubles disappear. And when he tells her he will never hurt her, she believes him . . .

I read Delilah: The Making of Red after Nova and Quinton: No Regrets. Nova and Quinton: No Regrets tells you the end of Delilah’s story so there were no real surprises for me here. I think Delilah: The Making of Red is pretty vague on the outcome maybe if you’re reading it first. I debated on not reading the novellas for this series, but Nova and Quinton: No Regrets made me want to know all the side pieces that fit into the overall story. Plus they were free.

I’m glad to know more about Delilah’s background. She was a character that wasn’t easy for me to relate to in Breaking Nova or Saving Quinton. I never understood how she came to accept what was handed to her. I never understood why she stayed with Dylan. And it’s not even that I completely understand that now since reading Delilah: The Making of Red, but I do feel like I know her better.

The saddest part of all is how many young girls out there are Delilah. How many of them will end up exactly like Delilah. How many of them might not have the same fate, but will struggle to overcome and fight the same battles Delilah faced. Just knowing that breaks my heart.

Delilah is a girl who just wants to be seen. She wants to be loved and appreciated and thought to be beautiful. She wants to star in an epic role that only she can fill. But Dylan isn’t her prince charming. He sees her--sure. But he sees her as someone to be used to get something that he wants. Because Delilah is both naive and insecure, she doesn’t see Dylan for what he is. She doesn’t know that she’s worthy of being treated better—being revered. She settles. She accepts whatever pieces of attention are thrown in her direction, even the scraps.

Though this novella is extremely short, it shows how quickly we can each find ourselves headed down a path of death and destruction. It shows us how much our parental relationships play into our definition of self and how they can leave us searching for love from all the wrong places. Delilah could be any girl out there. She could be you, or your daughter, or your sister, or your friend, or your niece. Her path and her end are haunting and painful.

Ultimately, I’m glad I didn’t skip this novella. Delilah: The Making of Red gets 4 Stars. Have you read Delilah: The Making of Red? What did you think? Let me know!

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