Friday, August 22, 2014

Series DNF # 2

Alright guys…it’s time for another Series DNF post. I’m learning to lighten my TBR load by culling through the books in which I’m no-longer interested. While I still love to complete things (series included), there’s just not enough time in my life to read all the books that I want. And I’m purging the ones from my TBR list that I’m no longer interested in. These posts aren’t designed to put these books down at all. I’m sure these books have been wins for some readers, but I just haven’t connected. I don’t feel like I can fully let these books go until I do some kind of post about them. So here we are:

Up first…The Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I read both Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness, but Beautiful Darkness was like pulling teeth for me. But now it’s official. I no longer plan to finish this series. That means I’m DNFing Beautiful Chaos and Beautiful Redemption.

Next…Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr. I know there are bloggers out there that just love this series, but by the time I made it to Fragile Eternity I was pretty much done. However, I’m just now finally writing off the remaining books in the series. DNF’d: Radiant Shadows and Darkest Mercy.

I wasn’t impressed with Hex Hall. Had I read this book 3-4 years ago I probably would have been a fan, but at this point in my reading career I’m just not. So Demonglass and Spell Bound are getting DNF’d.

I recently DNF’d The Scorch Trials. The Maze Runner wasn’t a complete bomb but wasn’t a complete win for me either. However, since I didn’t love The Maze Runner and I just wasn’t connecting to The Scorch Trials, I went ahead and decided to DNF the rest of the series. The Death Cure and The Kill Order included.

I totally thought I'd pushed myself through all of these books. I was so proud that even though I didn't love the series I had still managed to read them all (Crave, Covet, & Consume). But apparently another books was released earlier this year, and I have absolutely no desire to pick it up (Capture).

The following don’t need much disclaimer. I read and decently enjoyed book 1 in each of these series, but too much time has gone by since and I find that I no longer care much about what happens next, or I'm just not interested in pushing through them.

Angel Fire (Angel, # 2) and Angel Fever (Angel, # 3) by LA Weatherly (my review of Angel Burn)

Symbiont (Parasitology, # 2) by Mira Grant (my review of Parasite)

Witchfall (The Tudor Witch Trilogy, # 2) and Witchrise (The Tudor Witch Trilogy, # 3) by Victoria Lamb (my review of Witchstruck)

Invaded (Alienated, # 2) by Melissa Landers (my review of Alienated)

Demons (Seers, # 2) and Guardians (Seers, # 3) by Heather Frost (my review of Seers)

What do you guys think? Are there any books here that you would really suggest I push through? Do you guys like these kinds of posts? Let me know!


  1. I think I'll also never finish the Caster chronicles, I enjoyed the first book, but I struggled through the second book and since then never had the temptation to pick up the rest. I have finished the Wicked Lovely series,but I read those a few years ago and I am not sure whether I would enjoy them as much if I would read them now. I have read Hex Hall and not sure yet whether to continue the series or not. I haven't read any of the other series you mention and I don't plan to read them either.

  2. I really struggled with the Beautiful Creatures series!

  3. I read the whole Hex Hall series and liked it. But that was quite a number of years ago. It is cute but I find the series very young. The one series listed above which I really liked was Angel Burn. I really enjoyed all three books.

  4. I also dnf'd the caster chronicles after Beautiful Darkness. My sister couldn't even finish Beautiful Darkness. We both decided this series was not worth our time especially since the movie was a complete bust and there would never be a second movie.

  5. I don't own any of these, good :)

  6. I have a few of those that I have never finished, not really cause I don't want to just other things get :)

  7. Yeah, if there's no temptation to pick up the next book in the series then I think that makes for the perfect Series DNF. I've heard mixed reviews on the Wicked Lovely series and the Hex Hall series, but I just feel apathetic towards both. Thanks for stopping by as always Lola!

  8. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one! Thanks for stopping by Alisa!

  9. Yes, I think that was exactly my problem with Hex Hall. It just felt really young. Had I read it about 5 years ago, I think I would have felt differently. I hate to hear that I might be missing out on Angel Burn, but I still don't feel much inspiration to continue it. :( Thanks for stopping by Jennifer!

  10. Oh yay! Glad to hear I'm not alone with the Caster Chronicles. I agree about the movie too! BOOO! Plus being from the south, I hate watching most movies where the characters do a southern accent. It's awful! Thanks for stopping by Rachael!

  11. Haha! Excellent! Glad you don't have to cull them out of your selves. And thanks, I really do hope that people find them helpful and not discouraging! Thanks for stopping by Red!

  12. Yeah I guess that's how I eased into DNFing them. First they get put on the back burner because there were other books that were more important or that I was more excited about. And then the more time that went back the less interested I am to finish them. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Stormi!